The Connection Team

DeDe Rogers, owner, Connection Specialist

I think of myself as an "intuitive geek" after 20 years of hi tech experience, and many years of teaching seniors and boomers how to stay in touch with their loved ones through computer applications known as social networking. Watching the world expand for people who previously were reluctant to engage in computers, persuaded me to start this business. Don't hesitate, open your world, it's amazing! And so easy! 

Alex Dickson, Connection Specialist

I have over 20 years experience working in the IT industry as a Technical Consultant and IT Instructor. As someone with 4 parents over the age of 70 I also understand first hand how to help seniors become better connected from their homes. I have also worked as a volunteer classroom coach for SeniorNet that provides Computer training classes to seniors.

Liz Guillaume, Connection Specialist

I am very excited about this opportunity to help connect people via social media. As a mom of two college students, I use Facebook and Skype and phone texts on a daily basis which updates me on the everyday "goings-ons" with my family. As an office manager for a peninsula hand therapy clinic, I use Linked-In to network with other clinics, therapists and physicians. Staying in touch with my friends and family throughout the United States has never been easier. Im pleased to be able to share these skills with others. 

CeCe Grubbs, Connection Specialist

I have been a classroom teacher for over 20 years and have taught many individuals, to use various types of media to enhance their lives and make daily tasks easier. I am excited to work with Stay Home Connected because of the opportunity it presents to those who would like to connect with friends and family members through social networks. One of the greatest experiences I have had recently is teaching a retired woman how to set up an account on Facebook and then "friend" her grandchildren. They were all so proud of her! We are here to help you. Let's get connected!

Stay Home Connected is designed to teach you how to take advantage of the Internet and stay connected to friends and family in the privacy of your home. We'll show you how.

Your computer can expand your life! Let us show you how.

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